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DBW 303

dbw-303 -

DBW 303 is a new Wheat Variety. 303 variety is suitable for the plain areas of North Western Plains.

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DBW 187

dbw-187 -

DBW 187 is a high yielding wheat variety which has been developed by ICAR. It’s also known as Karan Vandana.

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DBW 222

dbw-222 -

DBW 222 is a high yielding wheat variety which has been developed by ICAR. It’s also known as Karan Narendra.

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WH 1105

WH-1105 -

developed for timely sown cultivation,
in high fertility and irrigated conditions
in the NWPZ of India during 2012

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PBW 677

pbw-677 -

It is a dwarf variety of wheat. Its average plant height of 107 cm. Grains are amber hard and medium bold.

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PBW 725

pbw-725 -

The variety of bread wheat has been cultivated in the Punjab state under irrigated timely sown conditions.

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dbw-173 -

DBW 173 was developed at the ICAR, Karnal-Haryana and was released for cultivation by the Central Sub-com.

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PBW 550

pbw-550 -

This was identified as a superior genotype for cultivation under irrigated timely sown conditions of  NWPZ

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This wheat variety developed by PAU, Ludhiana for cultivation under timely
sown, irrigation conditions of Punjab.

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Wheat Variety has been improved by PAU. They are rich in nutritional content and are used to prepared bread etc.

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HD 3226

hd-3226 -

The Wheat Variety HD 3226 is released for commercial cultivation in North
Western Plain Zone

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This wheat variety developed by ICAR-IARI, New Delhi for cultivation under timely sown Conditions

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HD 2967 is a double dwarf variety
with an average plant height of
101 cm. It has profuse tillering.

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HD 3086

hd-3086 -

Wheat variety has been recommended
for commercial cultivation in irrigated
timely sown conditions of NW Plains.

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HD 2851


This Variety is suitable for timely sowing
and is grown in irrigated areas. Wheat
Seeds are rich in nutritional content.

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PBW 766

pbw-766 -

This has been developed by Punjab Agriculture University. It is one of the most popular variety among farmers.

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SRM 272

SRM-272 -

It is one of the most popular variety among farmers. Its average plant height is 95 cm.

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SRM 252

SRM-252 -

Its average plant height is 103 cm. It gets mature in 95 days.Profuse tillering habit.

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Barbat is the most popular variety among farmers. The height of the plant is 98cm

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